Café  au Lait Couch Crewe             


Ladies and Gentlemen---Boys and Girls…
The Café  au Lait Couch Crewe  has gone to the ends of the earth to find and bring you a one of a kind special treat for this parade. 
This quest was conducted by college professors who researched dragon habits  , brave young men who climbed hundreds of feet to the tops of high towers to search for dragon eggs, nurses to love and nurture the developing baby dragon when captured and old retired people living on fixed incomes with rescue cats who had opinions and were willing to share them with the dragon and a young damsel who caters to the sleeping needs of visiting kings and queens and rocket scientists.  The group is also guided by a retired magic bean trader and assorted guests.
You ask why this dragon is special?  Ladies and gentlemen—let me tell you why this dragon is special.  Unlike the typical dragon we all see each day….
This dragon does not breath fire, he does not eat small children, he doesn’t even smell bad.   What makes this dragon special is his extra special ability to breathe Moon Pies!
The moon pies are warmed in the belly of the dragon by love and tossed to kids who come to the parade.  Dragon made Moon Pies bring good luck and if you eat a Moon Pie from this dragon your next wish will come true. 
Enjoy the dragon—come and meet the Crewe on the couch at Java Jays every morning.