2017 Crewes


ASU Artheads

Bacchus by the River

Brewe Crewe

Brookhaven Middle School - Wildcat Nation

Café au Lait Couch Crewe*

Crewe de Magnolia River

Crewe de Ta Tas

Crewe de Voisins Bruyants

Crewe du Mystic Twilight*

Crewe of Barkus and Meaux Crewe

Crewe of Chaos*

Crewe of Kingdom de MarMac

Crewe of Sparks

Crewe Sam's Sports Grill

Joe Cain's Merry Widows

Muttley Crewe

North Alabama VolksWagon Crewe

Party Life Bus Crewe

Pirate Crewe o'ye Crooked Goat

Re/Max Platinum

River City Sparkling Divas

St. John's Saints

Sirens of Achelous Crewe

Skeleton Crewe

Southwest of the Border Crewe*

*Charter Member Crewes

Want to know about the Crewes?  click on their name below and see their submitted Bios from the 2014 Carnegie Carnival.  (not all crewes have a bio)

All Photos ©2014 Michael G. Clark

           2016 CREWES
  • Crewe de Rivere Vue
  • Crewe de Voisins Bruyants

     Re Max Platinum

*Charter Member Crewes

Sugar Magnolias


830 McGlathery Ln

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Carnegie Carnival Queen 2017

Holly Whitt Losch

Carnegie Carnival King 2017

Wade Dinsmore

Carnegie Carnival Princess 2016

Courtney Brown

Carnegie Carnival Prince 2016

Gray Hurst

Cajun Cook-Off

Gumbo - Cajun  Vudoo

Jambalaya - Bad Boys of Bayou

Red Beans and Rice - Cajun Vodoo-

Overall Grand Champion - Cajun Voodo

People's Choice Award - Cajun Voodo



1st Place

Crewe of Chaos

2nd Place

 Crewe o'ye Crooked Goat (Pirates)

3rd Place 

Southwest of the Border