Grant was lucky. He grew up in a household that recognized the value of art in all its different forms. His first concert was Johnny Cash when he was eight months old. Family trips to the North Carolina Museum of Fine Art and the Kennedy Center were valued in his family just as much as learning multiplication tables and reading Huck Finn. In his family, it was the norm. And he knows he was lucky.

A city’s personality is developed in part by how art is woven into the fabric of everyday lives. And Decatur is no different. Public art like mural projects and the River Clay Fine Arts Festival stir creativity while building the character of a community.

In his role working at the Chamber of Commerce, he’s seen example after example where a vibrant cultural footprint helps attract jobs and growth in a community – which expands the local tax base and funds strong school for our children. Business leaders want their organization and their workforce to be connected to an arts-centric economy. It’s not a coincidence industry partners like Daikin, Nucor Steel and Toray America are public contributors to our arts community.

Art – in all its forms – makes us better. No matter where you live, where you go to school or what language you speak, we are a stronger community when art is accessible to everyone.

Grant is not king-worthy. But what should be treated like royalty is that access to the arts. Like in his family growing up and like he’s doing now with his daughters, he dreams of the arts being the norm for everyone from all walks of life.

That’s why he’s running. That’s why supporting the Carnegie makes a difference. And that’s why you should vote for him.



      GRANT THOMPSON'S                 EVENTS FOR                    CARNEGIE CARNIVAL         KING CAMPAIGN 

February 22nd -   5-8pm


BBQ and Cornbread

Loft 1880, Athens

February 16th—Open to Close

Spirit Day at the Brick

Percentage of Food Sales go to Grant’s Campaign for Carnegie    Carnival King

The Brick Deli & Tavern            112 E Moulton St 

February 11th—6:00pm

Silent Auction Soiree


The Princess Theatre

112 2nd Ave NE

February 23rd—5:00-9:00pm

Mellow Mushroom Spirit Night

Percentage of Food Sales go to Grant’s Campaign for Carnegie   Carnival King

Mellow Mushroom 202 E Moulton St

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