Joe Cain's Merry Widows

Joe Cain is credited with the rebirth of Mardi Gras in Mobile in 1867.  Joe Cain paraded the streets of Mobile dressed as a fictional Chickasaw chief named Chief Slaca (Slacabamorinico).  Joe Cain was joined by 6 other Confederate veterans and paraded in a decorated coal wagon, playing drums and horns.
Cain's Merry Widows, a womens mystic society, was found in 1974 in mobile. Each Mardi Gras each member dress in funereal black with veils, lay a wreath at Joe Cain burial site in the Church Street Graveyard and wail over their "departed husband's" grave then offer a toast and eulogy to their "beloved Joe" while continuously arguing over which widow was his favorite.