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Harley Bankston

Hi, my name is Harley. I am a 15 lb., 1 ½ year old, Porkshire Terrier. I’m half PitBull and half Yorkie. If that wasn’t interesting enough, I have a medical condition called Hypospadia. Basically, it’s where I have both male and female parts. Mom says I have the best of both worlds whatever that means.
As you can see from my photo and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m quite a catch. If my Wire hair doesn’t make you fall in love, then the list of my likes certainly will. I like long walks downtown, I love kids, I never meet a stranger, and I absolutely love to snuggle. Some of my favorite activities include jumping on the trampoline, playing with my siblings, Cash and June, and aggravating my brother Percy, the cat. There are two things I steal, treats and hearts.  Since you’re reading this, you’ve obviously fallen in love. So, please be a doll and vote for me, Harley Bankston, for the 2023 Carnegie Carnival
Lady Barks-A-Lot.