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Hello Friends, my name is Lenny McNeill & I am 1 ½ years old.  People say I am a HavaPoo Puppy, but my mom says I am the baby.  I was born in Arkansas in May 2021 but relocated to Alabama 8 weeks later to meet my new parents.  I now live on the wildlife refuge with my new mommy & daddy (Jay & Denise McNeill).  My new parents were empty nesters & needed a little boy like me to keep them busy.  I basically rescued them!!!

I am a very outdoorsy kind of pup & love all things nature on the refuge.  Some of my favorite things to do are watch birds from our big window & chase squirrels in the front yard.  I am so fast for a little guy + I can jump with all 4 legs off the ground.!!!  You may have seen my video on FB.  I love golf cart rides with my parents when it’s warm & boat rides on the weekends.  I also like to go to my mom’s store (Indigo’s) with her.  She takes cute pictures with me.

Recently my parents got me a surprise baby brother with fur & four legs.  My little brother “Ollie” is a kitten that my dad rescued.  In the beginning, I was a little afraid of him, but now he is my best friend!!!  I love to spend the day with Ollie wrestling & cuddling up with him for a nap afterward.  When mommy & daddy get home it’s family fun time until bedtime when we all cuddle up in our king-size bed.

I am so excited to be running for Sir Bow Wow this year.  I plan on having lots of fun events this season & hopefully making many new friends at my events.  I hope you all have the chance to attend them & get to know me.

To all my friends at the Carnegie.  Thanks in advance fur all the memories & the opportunity to represent you in raising money for all the other puppies that are not as fortunate as me XOXOXOX