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Hello, what’s my name? Why SPOT of course! Spot Hallmark to be exact.  You may have heard of me? I’ve become rather Facebook famous with my escapes and escapades around SE Decatur.  I’ve never met an open gate or door that I did not take advantage of!
My story begins in Fayette county where I have dropped off on a County road just a fat little butterball puppy.  I was welcomed immediately by Mr. Ted Hallmark and for several years ran those country Fields and wooded trails with my trusty sidekick, pup.  About seven years ago we all loaded up and moved to the big city of Decatur. I’m really not much of a city slicker but as long as I was with the pup and Mr. Ted I was happy.
About 2 years ago Mr. Ted passed away and soon after so did Pup Pup. That’s when I hit the Hallmark lucky dog lottery again!! I now live with his Majesty King Jeff VIII,  Kim, and Roxy.   Roxy has helped me realize this house dog thing is pretty sweet!! Warm snuggly bed, a room of my own, and all the treats a dog could want.  I’m really not sure why I keep running away???  I mean, they treat me ROYALLY!  I’d love to bring another Crown to the Hallmark home as your 2022 Sir Bow Wow! Thank you for your support.